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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rehab Day 9

Weight: 125.0

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1/2 apple, almonds butter
Late Lunch: Drake Sausage, cucumber, mini red and yellow peppers
Snack: 1 Pepperoni stick, pistachios, Larabar
Dinner: Lemon Chicken, steamed broccoli

Today is the CF main site rest day. On Monday, "Run 5k" came up and I said pishposh at that time. But today I decided to give it a whack with my new and improved running form. Usually on the rest days, CrossFit Endurance will prescribe a "Time Trial" (balls to the walls, all-out) or "Tempo Run" (85%-90% Rate of Perceived Exertion) so it seemed fitting. Mincing no words, this was the worst run ever. Ever. I must have hit the button on my silly iPod timer, because it stopped around 14 min, but I estimate this 5k jaunt took over 30 mins. ugh! Problem #1: I was trying to focus on maintaining my POSE form, and so speed was of little priority. My form fell apart in the 4th km. Problem #2 was I procrastinated until 11:30am which left me baking under the mid-day sun! Sweat much? Yikes.

After the terrible run, I went through the CFE Strength Recovery circuit:
3x15 of GHD extensions, GHD sit ups
3x10 of pullups, pushups, kettlebell swings

Sometimes (all the time) CrossFit challenges our ego and our patience by making us attack the things we struggle with the most. I hate running, for no other reason than I suck at it. But I believe it in as one of the many important functional skills I should possess in order to consider myself "fit". This is also the area where I have the greatest opportunity to improve, and isn't that the point of training. I could continue focusing on the things I am already good at (single leg squats anyone?), but where would that get me? So I suck it up, and I run.

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