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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rehab Day 18

Weight - 126.2

Eggs and nuts again for breakfast. I mostly ate leftover stirfry from last night throughout the day. David picked up some fresh cherries from one of those roadside stands yesterday and it was on this day in history that I first discovered that cherries are in fact delicious. I'm not sure why, but I always thought I didn't like cherries. I had no idea what I've been missing my whole love. Those little gems are scrumptious!

We went to costco in the afternoon for another load of meat, veggies, and nuts. In addition to Cherries, it is also getting to be blueberry season. My favorite time of year! For dinner I made a cheater butter chicken with sauce from a jar. Besides some cream, the ingredients are not only pronounceable but also reasonably paleo.

The Workout of the Week in our gym this week is:

3 rounds, for time:
500m row
21 burpees
400m run

After watching everyone else sweat it out through this cardio monster, I couldn't resist taking a shot at it even though it wasn't on my schedule. In April, I did it in 19:21, this time 18:00 flat. I was really hoping to go sub-18, but I just didn't get there in time! Call me a masochist, but I love this one.

But since that wasn't actually my workout for today, I had a smoothie then hit the main site WOD which was:
AMRAP 20 mins of
Thruster, 5 reps
Hang Power Clean, 7 Reps
Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 10 reps
66lb barbell for all.
--> 5 rounds + 3 thrusters.

Hang Power Clean

Since I had just worked all the metcon I needed for today, I used a weight that, for me, is really heavy and treated this as more of a strength workout. 5 rounds is really not many for one like this, but it felt great to throw some weights around!

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