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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rehab Day 21

Weight: 128.4 (yeah... I gained 4.2lbs in 24 hrs)

I wasn't hungry too much today - more about that below. Around noon I ate 2 eggs scrambled with sliced ham. At 4 I had a Larabar. Then we had dinner at my parents' place which was BBQ'd ribs and veggies. A paleo delight! Dessert was some dark chocolate and fresh strawberries, which are just starting to be deliciously in season. Overall, not a lot eaten today.

A Properly Functioning Metabolism
Your body is designed to withstand huge fluctuations in energy intake. You can imagine quite easily that your caveman ancestors did not have a steady supply of food to enjoy 3 square meals and 2 snacks each and every day. Instead they likely enjoyed a huge feast after a successful kill, and then less food until they were hungry enough to bother going out to hunt again.

I find for myself that the day after a big cheat I have almost no appetite. The interesting thing is this is how a properly functioning metabolism is supposed to work. I didn't have to purposely deprive myself of food today, I just had no desire to eat. I ate as much as I wanted, and that wasn't very much. Your body does not work on a tight 24 hour schedule with regards to calories in and calories out. The process is smoothed out over days, weeks, or even months.

Hormonally, I'm pumped full of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel satiated, and devoid of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger. This is how your body evens out energy intake with energy output and maintains homeostasis - a fancy way of saying "balance". It would be evolutionarily disadvantageous to be obese, after all. Try chasing down a woolly mammoth with 50 or 100 extra pounds dragging your ass down. Not very successful. A small amount of body fat is enough to see you through those brief periods without food, but too much would not be helpful at all.

It all goes wrong when you inundate your body with unnatural foods for too long. The steady flow of refined and starchy carbs overwhelms what your body is designed to handle. Your hormones get totally out of whack and crazy things start happening like you feel hungry even though you just ate an hour ago. Or you feel tired even though you at plenty all day and you've got easily 100,000 calories stored on your butt. Essentially your metabolism can no longer maintain homeostasis at a "healthy" bodyweight and weight gain ensues.

Today is main site rest day. Yay!

One of the recommendations in CrossFit's Elite Fitness In 100 words is to try new sports often. Today we tried Frisbee Golf and it was really fun. We will definitely be doing that again quite a bit this summer!

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  1. I just love your blogs. I do plan to read them all. I am just starting the paleo diet and you are such an inspiration. I am curious if 25-40 lbs can be dropped on this diet, but I have learned that I already feel better minus all the carbohydrates. Thanks so much Jocelyn, AKA Cavegirl. :)