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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rehab Day 17

Weight- 126.4

Another Paleo day completed. You must be bored by now of reading that I eat eggs and nuts for breakfast everyday. Somehow I'm not bored of eating them though! I ate some sliced deli turkey, cucumbers, red peppers, pistachios, and half an apple with nut butter throughout the day. For dinner I made a pork tenderloin, broccoli and cauliflower stirfry. It's really pretty simple simple. 

Slice and marinate the meat in oyster sauce and sesame oil. Stirfry, then add the veggies. 
The sauce: 1 Cup beef broth, 1 TBSP soya sauce, 2 tsp honey. Simmer until the sauce reduces.

Rest day! Glorious rest day!

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