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Friday, June 12, 2009

Rehab Day 5

Weight: 123.0 (that's a 5.2lb drop in 4 days)

I woke up today to the pleasant sound of David tossing his cookies. Oh dear... Food poisoning? The Flu? A rebellious gallbladder purging the toxins accumulated in the last few months of crappy eating? Who knows... Poor guy.

This afternoon we are driving to Edmonton for the CrossFit Endurance Running Cert this weekend. Road trips always present special challenges and temptations. I will take pics and post how we navigate gas stations, buffets, lunch breaks, and restaurants.

Food Log
2 eggs
4oz Chicken
4oz chicken with olive oil mayo, mustard, and celery
Pecan Lara Bar
Pepperoni Stick
Almonds and raisins
Too many sips of David's booster juice
Trail mix (nuts, seeds, and cranberries)
Beef Jerky
2 squares dark chocolate

Today was a lot higher in carbs that I would like. Between the larabar, the dried fruit, and the booster juice I would guess today came in well over 100g. I am aiming for carbs during this rehab phase. I could also still use a LOT more veggies.

Rest day!

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