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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rehab Day 22

Weight 126.4

Good old eggs and nuts again for breakie. I munched on cherries, more nuts, blueberries, and some roast beef throughout the morning. Last night I cooked two roasts, chilled them over night and used my meat slicer to create an abundance of homemade deli meats. And yes, I have my own meat slicer.

Two Spicy Looking Eye Round Roasts Ready For The Heat

David and I have arranged a deal that if I supply him with enough quality homemade paleo food that he never has to cook anything, he will clean my bathroom. Take my word for it that this arrangement works in my favor... that is one messy bathroom...

For dinner I tried a recipe from the Weber Grilling cookbook that looked tastier than it actually turned out to be. It was spicy italian sausage and scallop skewers with big chunks of onion. I couldn't find good scallops at the grocery store today, so I ended up using chicken. I did find fresh in-store made italian sausages though that actually did not contain wheat, dairy, nitrites, or MSG. The filler was rice flour, which is a lesser evil as far as I'm concerned but still not great. Anyway, the kabobs turned out to be just kinda boring...

Today's WOD
CrossFit Total
3 attempts each for max weight in
Back Squat
Standing Shoulder Press
--> Total 462, an increase of 7lbs over last time
Squat - 190 (the same)
Press - 76 (a disappointment since I max pressed 81 a few weeks ago)
Deadlift - 196 (6lbs bigger than last time)

At one point in Oct last year I 3-rep deadlifted 205, but have not been able to recreate that magic since getting full-on into CrossFit and following only the mainsite programming. 195 is inching in the right direction though!

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