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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rehab Day 6

David and Coach Carl heading outside for some running drills

Today we're in Edmonton and will be running around at Spark Sport Conditioning / CrossFit Alberta getting berated and corrected on our awful running form all day long!

Food Log
Breakfast Buffet - scrambled eggs, bacon, 1 sausage, a few grapes

Mmmmm... Breakfast!

Snack - Larabar
Lunch - walked to a grocery store for broccoli slaw, shaved turkey, pistachios, and blueberries

Blueberries, broccoli, and turkey

Snack - turkey, blueberries, trailmix
Dinner - in a pub, I ordered a turkey burger (no bun) with a side ceasar with no cheese. Not bad!

Dad and David show off their paleo lunch choices as well. Dad, on the left has a big salad with 1/2 a roasted chicken. David, on the right, chokes down some salad and turkey. He's not too keen on meat or veggies today after regurgitating chicken and broccolli just yesterday! ewwww...

The morning started off with an easy jog, then 4 x 400m while they filmed us for later review and critique. Later we ran loads of different drils to correct said awful form. Finally, the day concluded with a WOD that looked like this:

100m repeats, every 30 seconds on the mark for:
6 min
3 min rest
3 min
2 min rest
2 min
A total of 22 x 100m sprints. It was hot and we were all complaining loudly!

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