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Monday, July 6, 2009

Rehab Day 29

Weight 124.8

Breakfast was my standard fare - eggs and nuts, although I've added Salsa (oooooh!). Through the day I munched on several of the delicious creations that came out of the kitchen yesterday. I made bison jerky from a roast picked up at the farmer's market.
....and what's this?? Is that a paleo sandwich?! Indeed it is! David misses bread a lot because his favorite food is samiches. I've been experimenting with a recipe I found in a raw vegan cookbook involving sunflower seeds, flax, and onions. Although in my version I'd like to bake it since I have nothing against cooking my food. Cavegirl Onion Bread 1.0 was delicious, but way too labor intensive. I'll post the recipe when I've perfect the process!

Rest Day!

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