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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sobeys vs The Drive Thru

Some days I haven`t planned ahead very well and I know this because lunch times rolls around, I`m starving, and there`s no lunch anywhere to be seen. When this happens I like to play a little game I call Sobeys vs the Drive Thru. The grocery store closest to the gym shares a parking lot with a Burger King restaurant. During the busy lunch rush I like to take note of the car at the end of the drive thru line up as I dash into Sobeys to forage myself something to eat. If I can get in and out of the store before that car makes it through the drive thru line up, I win!
On one of the more recent showdowns, here`s what I managed to come up with: sliced in-store roasted turkey in a lettuce `boat` with olive oil mayo (which we had in the fridge here), cherries, a kiwi, an apple, and some almond butter. Yum!

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