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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lessons from the Road

First off, my apologies for the lack of posts this week. David and I were off in Calgary hacking our way through the CrossFit Level II cert. Luckily we both came out victorious in the end, newly minted certificates in hand!

Being on the road, however, did not leave much time for creativity in the kitchen! We did manage find a few interesting paleo options and learned an important lesson or two along the way.

1. CrossFitters everywhere are awesome people! Thanks to everyone at CrossFit Calgary and our fellow testees (hee hee) for all the feedback, support, and positive vibes. Heart you all.

2. Jerky and trail mix are the universal snack staples of caveman eaters everywhere

3. The safeway deli makes an interseting chicken and mango salad with loads of veggies and no pasta or grains

4. Always check your oven before preheating...

This is what remains of all 4 trays and the lid of my food dehydrator, along with my latest batch of bison jerky. We put the trays in the oven overnight to keep them out of the cat's reach at David's mom's place on Tuesday night and unfortunately forgot to check if the oven was empty before preheating to make dinner the next night. Big OOPS!

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